Anti-wrinkle relaxing injections

Facial area package from:

1 area : £180

2 areas: £200

3 areas: £250

Gummy smile: £180

Bunny Lines: £180

Brow Lift: £180

Nose tip lift: £180 

Downward smile: £180

Pebbled chin: £180

Lip flip: £180

Masseter muscles (Jawline slimming): £250

Hyperhidrosis (underarms sweating): £300

Product will show full effect within 7-14 days, Prices may increase depending upon whether additional units are required. 

Assessment and a follow-up appointment is required, there is no charge at this appointment. Failure to attend within 10-14 days will risk losing your appointment which will lead to an additional charge of £50 should additional units be required.

An additional £50 will be added should you require the 'Botox' brand.

Dermal Fillers

Lip fillers using Revolax from:

0.5ml: £140

1ml: £160

Lip fillers using Fillmed art filler lips:

0.5ml: £180

1ml: £200

For the lips if this is your first occasion I recommend filling with 0.5ml, then 6/8 weeks later topping up with another 0.5ml and adding another 0.5ml 4 months later. Adding small amount of filler at a time builds the lip slowly keeping a natural shape and ensuring no migration occurs. 

Cheek/Chin/Jawline Contouring from:

1.2ml: £200

2.4ml: £350

3.6ml: £450

Nasolabial/Marrionette lines from:

1.2ml: £170

2.4ml: £270

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty from: 

1ml: £250

Tear trough Filler from:

1ml: £250

Lip lines from:

1ml: £160

Filler Dissolving 

Lip Filler dissolving: £150

Face (cheek/Jawline): £200

Filler Dissolving and Lip Refill Package

Dissolve and 0.5- 1ml Lip Filler Refill from: £300


Profhilo - Face: £200

Profhilo - Neck: £200

Profhilo - Face and Neck: £375

Profhilo - Chest: £200

Profhilo - Hands: £200

Profhilo - Initial 2 sessions: £375 (one area)

FILLMED (all treatments are performed with nanosoft needle and include a complementary Fillmed bright peel worth £50)

BeautifEye with NCTFHa 135: One session: £150 ; Course of 3: £360

Bio NutriNeck with MHA-10: One session: £150; Course of 3: £360 

MHA-18 facial hydrator and fine lines: One session: £175; Course of 3: £450

Seventy Hyal 

1 syringe (per session) : £140 Course of 3: £350

2 Syringes (same sitting): £200 Course of 3: £460

3 Syringes (same sitting): £260 Course of 3: £570

Fat Dissolving with Aqualyx, Desobody/face or Lemon Bottle

1 small area (Double chin): £150 per treatment or £300 course of 3 treatments

1 medium area (Arm fat, Flanks, Stomach upper or lower): £200 per treatment or £400 course of 3 treatments

1 Large area (Stomach upper and lower, Inner/Outer thighs, Love handles): £250 per treatment or £500 course of 3 treatments

Chemical Peel

Fillmed Bright Peel: £50/session or £100/course of 3 sessions

Fillmed Time Peel: £50/session or £100/course of 3 sessions


Face and Neck: £150/session or £375/course of 3 sessions or £660/course of 6 sessions. 

All treatments for the course must be taken within one Calendar year from the first treatment date or you risk loosing your treatments.


Face : £160/session or £275/course of 2 sessions 

Eyes: £160/session or £275/course of 2 sessions 

Neck: £160/session or £275/course of 2 sessions

Face and Neck: £250/session or  £450/course of 2 sessions

Face, Neck and Eyes: £350/session or £600/course of 2 sessions