How does Micro-Needling work?

Micro-needling of the medical grade involves the use of fine needles to cause controlled micro-injuries to the skin. This triggers the skin's wound healing process, stimulating it to repair the damage and bring the skin back to its healthiest looking state.

The repair process helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, sagging and texture irregularities such as acne pitting or stretch marks.

Micro-needling also targets melanocytes responsible for melanin overproduction, allowing for a brighter more even skin tone. 

What are the benefits of Micro-Needling

Micro-needling helps with 

The procedure can also help people who have medical conditions such as:

Who shouldn't have Micro-Needling

What to expect immediately afterwards

You will see a pinkness in the skin and potentially some spots of bleeding. Your skin will feel hot. The cooling mask will help alleviate this. You may experience some redness and irritation for 2-3 days after micro-needling

How long do the effects last and how frequently should you have the treatment?

The effect lasts on average four to six weeks and a series of 3-6 treatments is recommended every 4-6 weeks for long lasting visible results.

Which skincare works well with microneedling?

Topical products such as Vitamin C and a retinal serum is advisable because UV or free radical damage will always reduce the amount of collagen the skin produces. Retinal will improve skin healing. A daily cleanser containing ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells to increase cell turnover in addition to a daily SPF 30+